Don’t Call It a Comeback

Back from my unannounced hiatus, is I, no one too important.  Nonetheless, I make my return into the Blogosphere to add a few words of my own to the infinite collection available online.  Xanga, I loved.  Such a tragedy to see one go from greatness to the side of a milk carton.  But all things must pass, so I will choose to believe that Xanga moved away from me instead of vice-versa.  So that’s that.

Eric, why did you make a new blog?

A Purpose Driven Blog.  Rick Warren probably coined that already.  I give credit to the numerous Christian blogs I have been somewhat addicted to as of lately.  Wonderful theologians, pastors, and friends have certainly stirred my heart and mind with their ideas, reflections, and teachings.  Such stimulating writing has challenged me to organize my own thoughts and reflections and to focus them onto (e-)paper.  By doing this, I hope to challenge and remind myself of whatever the Spirit impresses upon my heart as the days go by.  I also hope to be an encouragement to any reader and provide any wisdom that the Lord graciously bestows onto me.

So, yes, in view of God’s glory, may my words be few but true.

Soli Deo gloria.


3 responses to “Don’t Call It a Comeback

  1. freaking sweet!! i am super excited to see what greatness will be published on this here blog.
    haha no pressure though, just write from your heart and have funnn.

    and personally, i kinda like this more simple and ‘sleek’ type of e-journal anyway. it’s more fitting for you.

    the end. g’day!!

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