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Intro: This or That postings will be a small, random collection of links of things I come across online that I feel may be of interest to you.

The Abortion Issue for Christian Voters
The issue of abortion has been disturbing me this past week as Election Day draws near.  I do not consider myself a single issue voter but this white elephant in the room, named Abortion, glares at me forcefully.  Christians are obviously against abortion but does that mean we automatically have to vote Republican?  This interview with Donald Miller, the Christian author of Blue Like Jazz, tries to give us a more balanced view of this issue as he gives reason to vote for Obama.  I advise you to read the reader comments.  I find this to be one of the more civil, respectful, understanding, and fair discussions on the issue of abortion and all the different factors involved.  Read the comments too. I find them more significant than the interview itself.  What a tough issue …

Local Church =/= Campus Ministry
As I have been serving in a campus ministry for some years now, I witness different people that come and go.  Some involve themselves with the campus ministry but have minimal and sometimes no involvement in a local church.  Especially in this day and age, the importance, power and purpose of the local church is often blurred, forgotten, or ignored.  This is an interesting commentary on that danger.

The Scandal by Tim Challies
This is an old blog posting by the Christian author, Tim Challies, giving a heart felt response to the scandal involving Ted Haggard, a former, highly renown leader among evangelicals, two years ago.  Each of us desperately needs Christ.  Tim Challies gives a humble and moving, but more importantly, gospel centered response to a tragic fall of a spiritual leader.

Job: When the Righteous Suffer, Part 1 by John Piper
John Piper is speaking at a conference on Job and suffering.  This is his first message.  I highly recommend you check it out.  Draws out amazing insight from the Word of God on the issue of suffering.  You can either read the notes, listen to audio, or watch the video of the sermon.


3 responses to “This or That

  1. i have to agree that the comments section of the don miller interview was the best part. people brought up some really great, tough points. i love the bwc blog, by the way. i have even commented on occasion. hah.

    also, regarding the second thing, i thought it was interesting, but i’m not sure i fully agree with the author. i mean, i agree that there is a danger to substituting the campus fellowship for the church, but i think the line between the two is much blurrier than he’s making it out to be. i’m just not sure i agree that the campus ministry cannot function as a Church in its own way, or that it cannot fulfill those verse he quotes. i live in a rural college town, and while i love my local church, for practical reasons of transportation and stuff it will never function in my life the way he imagines it should. and the other option for church (that i feel denominationally comfortable in) is half students and, frankly, feels a lot like the fellowship. so his whole “find a church that looks like this” spiel doesn’t work for me. all the churches in my town are either congregations of about 40 people with an average age of 60, or my own church, which i have to get a ride from a church member to attend.

    plus, he seems to identify the problem as the fact that a campus ministry is “comfortable” and somehow ideal for the student because it’s made up of like-minded and similar aged people. that couldn’t be further from the truth in my experience. in my 3 years here, we have faced a ton of challenges in growing together despite racial tensions, minor differences in beliefs, and personal issues (you don’t automatically get along with people just because they are also christian college students). i might not have “kids banging Tonka trucks on the back of the pew in front of you” in my fellowship, but i do have people who rub me the wrong way, or who complain about our song choice, or……etc.

    and if his objection is mainly to the homogeneity of a campus fellowship, then, for example (and i always turn to hypotheticals like this, but i think it’s useful in this case), if i lived in an alternate universe town made up of only students, would it be impossible for us to meet together in a body that functioned as a “church” rather than a “fellowship?” hmmm.

    in general he seems to be operating from a very traditional, american understanding of “the local church.” and i wonder how his picture would compare to the actual new testament church, and how my understanding of the fellowship (which is really quite different from cgm, though) lines up with that, as well?

    well, bottom line: i agree with him. being plugged into a local church is very important. but i think he way oversimplifies things.

    HAHA. i totally just wrote an essay in your comments. go, me.

  2. oh snap. how many times are you changing your layout?? throwing me off like crazy over here.

    anyways, i think it’s time for a new entry. THANKS.

    and thanks for the suggestion to use Reader. and for your always-ready assistance w/ everything i always bug you about. you are a great chingoo.

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