God, what’s Your will for me?

One question every Christian has probably asked God at one point of his or her life is “God, what is your will for me?”  I am 24 years old and I struggled with this question for 22 years out of those 24.

We often think the will of God for one’s future is this elusive secret that we need to discover.  We beg and cry through prayer wishing to know the answer that only God possesses.  Some seem to know exactly what they are to do with their life, but for most, it is a mystery which frustrates and discourages.

Spiritual leaders tell us “Pray and He will lead you.”  We nod in agreement but our frustration and confusion still remain.  Not knowing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since we are called to be people of faith.  Walk by faith and not by sight, right?

I suddenly caught myself thinking tonight about the will of God for our lives and realized a few things.

1. God holds no secrets when it comes to how he wants us to live our lives.  He demands true worship.  I don’t think there’s this special, secret occupation or calling we need to discover in order for us to fulfill what He has planned for us. He looks at our hearts, not our accomplishments.

2. God doesn’t want us to include Him in our plans, He wants us to include ourselves in His plan. I was reminded of this at OIL retreat.  I believe God gives us the freedom to seek and know His heart for the world, to see and recognize the needs of the world, and to evaluate ourselves to make a wise decision of what we are to do for His kingdom.  Once we make a God-fearing and God-honoring decision, we go forward in faith that God will use us, for that is His desire and plan.

3. God simply wants total surrender. The final destination is not X or Y or Z. It’s simply Jesus Christ.  We get too caught up with where does God want me to go and what does God want me to do in my future.  Those questions are important but we must remember God requires constant, total surrendering of our hearts and in doing so, daily faithfulness is produced.  Whatever he asks of us today,  we are to obey.  Whatever the cost, is our answer ‘Yes’?

When we ask God the question and He points to the Word of God, it’s not a trick answer or a cop out.  He’s serious.


5 responses to “God, what’s Your will for me?

  1. sweet post!! yea, it’s strange to think how he gives us so much freedom in decision-making when we’re seeking to be aligned to his will through obedience to his Word.

    by the way, good job on recruiting people to wordpress!! haha..

  2. nice numbered list. and with that, nice comeback! i like how you seem to wait for inspiration to update your wp. mine is starting to evolve into nonsense. boo.

    anyhoo, i’m glad OIL was such a blessing for you. share some gems with me NEXT WEEK WHEN U COME AND VISIT mahaha. yay. there was something in utmost yesterday about how the idea of ‘calling’ it out there for everyone and it’s a matter of whether we follow through and obey – whose hearts are open to what He’s doing and say “Here am I; send me” as opposed to the idea that God pleads with us, yanno? “irresistible pressure” he called it.

    anyway! stop doing impressions of my drugged-up, webcamming self.

  3. Wow. I don’t have any idea who your team is here, but I know God led me to read this tonight, as it was exactly what I needed. It really brings peace when you can finally realize this. Thank you, God bless!

  4. Tommorrow, i had planned to fast and pray seeking God’s will for my life… as i sense a calling in ministry…and in such a time as this, to have come across this word of encouragement, really lifts my spirit within,,,,, thank you guys..no matter who u are ,,,,we serve the same God.. May He bless u all richly.

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