A Little Past Midnight

It’s been a while.  I never stopped browsing around and reading blogs.  Just haven’t been compelled to start typing.

I got my laptop on my lap while I’m sitting on the sofa in the basement.  My legs are complete mush after doing Plyometrics with David Son.  Today was Day 1.  Not sure why we started with Plyo.  He’s getting sexy for his upcoming wedding.  I’m getting sexy for no reason.  When I think about it, losing weight is kind of not a good idea at this time because my work clothes will end up being too big.  I don’t have money to buy more clothes.  Oh well?

Speaking of work clothes.  I got a new job.  It’s now my fourth week.  Medium-length story short, God is my Father who provides.  Dude surprises me always.  The job?  I like it a lot.  Learning a lot.  Surely was a godsend.  Just kind of fell in my lap.  Sometimes things don’t make sense but he truly is in control.  What is so humbling is how he blesses us unconditionally.  Once I was adopted into His family, he continues to bless me.  Not because I do this or that, which I often mistakenly think, but his blessings are nonstop.  I am blessed in joy and laughter, in pain and sorrow, in confusion and frustration, in good fortune, and even in poverty.  It’s amazing how His love transcends all the things that we often (falsely) think dictates our blessedness.  Bigger than that.  Deeper than that.

I began Lent by saying I was going to fast the internet, except when I need it for school and work.  I decided to break it and I’m OK with it.  Working full time and taking classes full time ends up giving me hardly any time to waste online anyway.  Even though I’m no longer fasting something, I still very much enjoy Lenten season.  It’s always a special time.  Besides it obviously leading up to Easter, it was some years ago when I fervently prayed during Lent for my future and ended up receiving, during Passion week, my calling to be a missionary overseas.  I’m always reminded of that.  Sometimes it seems so far away and and such an unreachable goal.  Other times I think about just dropping everything and going.  All in all, I’m taking it step by step.  I’m going to get there though.  I know it.

Meet Lisa. I'm blessed, surely.

Goodnight.  Till next time.


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