Books I Do Adore

One of my favorite things is getting new books in the mail.  I recently ordered 3 books, which arrived this week.  I have a million other books I need/want to read but I always have room in my heart/bookshelf for more books.  I tend to stick with non-fiction, which is probably why I’m not the most creative person.  Lisa’s the opposite, she absolutely loves fiction.  And that probably explains why she is pretty dang creative and is an awesome writer.  I realize more and more how much of a literal person I am.  It’s weird because I absolutely loved mystery and thriller novels, when I was young.  I now usually gravitate toward Christian Theology, Leadership, and Business books.  Anyway, I’ll analyze myself on that later.

Here are the three books:

The challenge is now finding the time to read them.
Little by little, I must.

Maybe, I’ll even do reviews in the future.

Oh yeah.  If you have any quality book recommendations, please feel free to share.  I have a .txt file on my hard drive where I keep a running list of books to check out.  I am open to whatever and would like to explore.


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