Books and Sweat

Last night I was in an organizing mood (what the?), so I decided to gather all of my personal books (excluding school textbooks), organize them by genre and author’s last name, and shelf them.  I found an extra bookshelf in the storage room, which was perfect.

Once I organized all the books and put them in the bookshelf, I realized how puny my library is.  But you have to start somewhere right?  Humble beginnings, yes.  But it’s only been around 2 years since I started taking reading seriously, being more intentional and consistent about it, so I figure it’s a good start.  I hope to have an extensive, personal library in the future.  Top shelf is for business books.  Middle shelf is for Christian living, theology, leadership books.  Bottom shelf is for reference and special interest books.

I also want to show you my workout room.  I shared before that I have been doing P90x with DSon, and now KY.  They come over at night and we enter the workout room in my basement.  It’s an unfinished room that we used for storage but it was empty for the most part.  We cleared most of the stuff to the sides, set up a monitor screen, brought in some weights and other equipment.  It’s pretty rugged looking, I must say.  I always think of the movie Fight Club when I’m in there.


8 responses to “Books and Sweat

  1. also i’d like to point out that i’m the only one who commented on the books and not the sweat. tells you what kinda person i am….

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