How He Finds Us

Matt Chandler, Excerpt from Sermon: Ephesians – Rooted and Grounded

“A friend of mine named Doak Taylor said that in the middle of the night, at three in the morning, he woke, and a shot of fear ran through his body. He heard his 1½ year-old daughter screaming in the other room. He got up and full speed ran and turned on the light in her room, and she had taken off her diaper and she had gone to the bathroom and not the kind that’s easy to clean up. She had taken it and covered herself in it. It was on the walls and all over the bed and had a made a mess literally of the room. He did what any man would do; he turned off the lights and said, “Honey. . .” No, I’m just kidding. He said, “This is how God works in human beings.” He said he never thought about the smell, although it was really bad. He never thought how disgusting it was. He just saw his little girl covered in it and crying. He said he ran and picked her up and held her against his naked chest. Ran to the bathroom and turned on the bath water. Held his hand under it and held his daughter until the temperature was just right. He then laid her down and with a sponge wiped every bit of it off her, every crack, every crease in the neck, in the ears, in the hair. He washed every bit of her. He grabbed warm towel and wrapped her and kissed her face and walked her in to her mother. He laid her down next to her mother and he went a bucket and a sponge and went into the room. He pulled the sheets off the bed and threw them in the washer. He grabbed the sponge and wiped down the crib and the walls. He grabbed a new blanket and put it down  and then Febreezed the mess out of the room. He then walked into his bedroom and scooped his daughter up and began to kiss her face as he walked her back to her room. He set her down on the changing table, opened up the blanket and put a diaper on extra tight. He put some clean pajamas on her, wrapped her in the blanket again and then stood next to her crib rocking her back and forth and singing to her as he kissed her head. When she had finally fallen asleep, he laid her down in her crib and he said he was walking back to his room it hit him. “I just went into my living room and got on my knees and wept and wept and wept. For this is the state that my sweet God found me in, and this is what He’s doing in me. Never angry about the mess, never harsh in word or action, just washing in the water of the Word, cleaning and loving.” This is the God of the Bible. This is what He longs to do in you and me.”


3 responses to “How He Finds Us

  1. mmm i uber liked this. did you transcribe that yourself? if you did, you’re crazy. crazy professional.
    alright bye. see you in a few days, yo!

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