God’s Will = Your Glory?

I have observed many Christians who struggle with knowing God’s will for their lives (including myself). What college should I go to?  What should I major?  What career should I pursue?  Who should I marry?  Should I go into ministry?  There are plenty of other questions and I’m sure you have your own.  I certainly have had mine.

Seeking God’s counsel and wisdom to make important decisions that involve what one does with his or her life is commendable and should be encouraged.  Of course.

The problem, I witness, for many is that what is made of one’s life becomes the main thing. Let me say that again.  For many, what is made of one’s life becomes…the main thing.

“But…but…I want to live for God and what he has planned for me!”

Yes, that is a good desire.  But what about God’s will of sanctification in your life?

“I know but that’s the small stuff. I just need to know what God wants me to do with my life.  It’s important.”

But what about God’s will, which leads you to holiness, which deals with your heart, character, and spiritual growth through the practice of repentance and obedience?

“But what about what God wants me to do?”

You get the idea.

Let me say it again: Seeking God’s counsel and wisdom to make important decisions that involve what one does with his or her life is commendable and should be encouraged.  God in fact does make something of our lives for His glory.  Key phrase = “for His glory”.

When one seeks God’s will for his or her life’s future but has little to no interest in a life of humility, obedience, and repentance in the present, that shows a major misunderstanding of God and what He communicates to us through the Scriptures.  That may very well be a red flag which says the main thing has become your life and your glory and not Christ and His glory.  When the Bible talks about God’s will for our lives, it’s almost always about our holiness, sanctification, and obedience for today.

Does knowing God’s will = making much of you?

Let us be wise in asking ourselves time and time again: Have I made it about my life, my success, and my glory?  Is that the main thing?  What pet sins do I so often overlook and ignore?  What areas of my heart have I not surrendered?  What convictions have I let go of because it is hard and demands my life, my pride, my comfort?

Let us look to the Cross once again and may the Gospel lead us to a life and heart of repentance and obedience.  For His glory, may our hearts be refined, and from there, may our good works flow.


3 responses to “God’s Will = Your Glory?

  1. AMEN. to be honest, i have a pretty generous view of free will in general (which is why i don’t totally jive with calvinism), so i am skeptical of the belief that God has mapped out each step of our lives in as precise a way as some people claim/wish. i believe He’s sovereign but not controlling. so anyway, i’m totally with you: i think we would all be much better followers of Jesus if we focused less on “what exactly does God want me to do” and more on “how can i glorify God in any/every situation.” that’s where God’s will for my life plays out in real time, right?

    good reminder, sir. 🙂 thanks!

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